Happy #ThirstyThursday let’s talk about bases and fruit in Smoothies!!

When I am choosing a base for my smoothies, selections usually depend on my mood. When choosing a base for your signature smoothie, have fun!! Be adventurous and specific for your personality and needs. Bases are the foundation and texture for your delicious and nutritious smoothie. Some include:

Filtered Water- Easy option, color-less, flavor-less, does not alter the taste of other flavors, zero calories. Coconut Water-Great for potassium, considered a natural energy booster Fresh Juice- Boost of flavor and favorable for vitamin C. Dairy “milk”- Boost texture. Creamy, thickness, good source of calcium, can mask the flavor of greens. Dairy Alternatives “milk”- Same as above without the lactose. Can choose from soy, almond, rice, hemp, oat, coconut and other varieties . See my “milk series” to assist in making your choices. Green Tea- Boost of antioxidants and caffeine. Can neutralize thickness in a smoothie.

Choosing fruit or a fruit combination for your signature smoothie can also be fun and adventurous. Personally, I love tropical fruits. Mango, papaya, soursop, and pineapple. I tend to not just select one fruit. When I’m creating my own smoothie, my taste buds have a say. In addition, I’m also looking to create a tasty live multi-vitamin of sorts. Just a sample of fruits great for smoothies include:

Berries-Full of antioxidants, fiber, protection against cancers and inflammation.

Mango-High in Vitamin C, great for eye health, lowers cholesterol. Pineapple-Assists with digestion, antioxidants, helps with recovery from strenuous exercise.

Peach-Full of antioxidants, aids in digestion and assists in heart health.

Banana-Good for your skin, high in Potassium, great for cholesterol and heart health. Papaya-Helps control blood glucose, lowers blood pressure, reduces risk for heart disease, and cancer. Apple-Prebiotic effects, promotes good gut bacteria, good for weight loss.

Melon-High water content,Vitamin A and C, contains powerful antioxidants. Cherries-Can help with sleep, anti-aging properties and lowers hypertension. Avocado-Excellent source of fat, and helps the body absorb other nutrients.

There are so many ways to enjoy a smoothie!! What are your favorite ingredients to add to a smoothie? What new ingredients would you like to try?