Hey Team.

Today is #FreestyleFriday and I am feeling a mix of emotions….heavy with the current state of my country. I did a quick check-in with my clients and this particular check in made me smile. Bringing me out of my funk, if only just briefly.

This photo came from an international client that is revamping her intake. She has shifted gears and this can be challenging when you eaten a certain way for a long time. But I carry so much pride as she is determined and is such a trooper. She is trusting the process and let me know that she has “…a lot of work this week, but I have prepped my fridge in advance”.

She’s ready so she doesn’t have to get ready!! A crazy schedule or workload is no hurdle for her..because she planned in advance! I thank you for allowing me to share your ‘fridge!! Have a good weekend Fam, and make sure to take care of yourself.

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