Happy Freestyle Friday, Family!

As I’ve watched and continue to watch the developments over the last 7-10 days here in the United States, I’ve felt very heavy, tired, angry..but hurt more than anything. I’ve begun taking steps daily to decrease the tension I feel. Meditating, doing some yoga, stretching each evening, using lavender oils, eating dense comforting foods as well as fresh and refreshing foods and drinks.

Over the last 6-9 months, I’ve reflected on what’s next for me. How does my work impact the world, my community, my family…my heart? If I left this dimension tomorrow, would I be satisfied with my offerings here? I’ve worked as a Public Health Nutritionist for 15 years and have never regretted my career choice because of the impact that I have been able to achieve. Families I’ve been able to ensure feel heard and acknowledged. How can I do more of that?

The image displayed here features American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics data.

As of June 1, 2020, only 2.6% of the Registered Dietitian Nutritionists in the United States, are black. Think about that. I’m not stating that number for the hell of it. Though some in the field may put forth effort and try to understand our layered culture, they may just not “get it”. There is something about seeing your hue reflected. Down deep, not having to explain certain things. There is an ease of seeing someone that looks like you that takes at least some stress away and allows a vulnerability…nothing needs to be said. Food can be such a touchy space because it’s more than nutrition, it’s tradition, culture…it’s comfort. Nutrition and Dietetics is evolving… and I’m moving too.

During this public health crisis and revolution, I’ve wondered how I can do more. There is so much MORE I have to give, so keep your eyes peeled. 2020 has my UNDIVIDED attention.

Please give yourself some grace during these times. Prioritize YOU..and breathe. We’ll chat soon. xo

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