I had HUGE plans before I became pregnant about what I would do as a pregnant woman. I was going to maintain going to the gym at 5 am at least four times a week and continue with meal prepping. Nausea and exhaustion said NO. After delivery I had BIG plans as well. As soon as I got clearance to workout, George was going to wake up with Geneva so I could go to the gym, start meal prepping…get back in carnival shape! Let me tell you something, NOPE!!! I thought I could simply jump back into everything I did pre-baby. It’s an adjustment. I remember thinking, “These chicks are lazy”, “ALL they have to do is…” or “Miss a shower or meal, who does that??”, Uh, ME!

It takes a village. As much as I love this new chapter, I was exhausted. Having a colicky, exclusively breastfed baby that was only sleeping for 1.5 to 2 hours at a time is HARD. I definitely got down on myself. On a regular basis, I was reminded to allow myself some grace. Be kind to yourself and be flexible. With support, you can and may (if you choose) get back to all that you did prior to becoming a mommy.

My baby comes first now. I remember a week prior to returning to work, I was going to do some morning practice runs. Get up, go to the gym, come back get myself ready for the day and get her ready for daycare, etc. The bam, the night before she gets a fever and a cold. The practice runs never happened. Returning to work, mornings aren’t horrible and they will improve farther with time management. For now, baby steps.