Happy #StayontrackSunday!!

For many of my clients (and myself), there is an eagerness for meal prep and consumption of our meals to be fun or at the very least entertaining. Adding your own style and personality to it helps this process along. This includes the food selection, preparation of those foods and the way you transport them.

While I prepped for my first fitness competition, I ate numerous meals daily. ( to the point that I was tired of chewing actually). Like clockwork, my bulk meal prepping took place on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s, and each evening I packed my meals for the next day for accuracy.

I chose to invest in a few meal prep bags because I knew I would get a great amount of use out of them, the increased ease that I could move with the meals, and I looked way more put together heading to work and various meetings each day.

Meal prep bags come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and price points. However, they are not necessary. To be clear, I’ve packed my meals in these bags, plastic containers, and as my show got closer…I was eating my meals out of ziploc sandwich bags because I was exhausted and over everything extra! My first bag (not featured here) was a backpack. It is an all in one, that could hold my work out clothes, shoes, water bottle, and a couple of meals. I love its simplicity, but I wanted more.

The “Renee” tote from Six pack Bags featured here in blue (discontinued) is my favorite because it’s a meal prep bag and purse combined. I can pack four meals in it and personal items such as a wallet, my planner, pens, phones on the side..no additional purse is necessary. This is my Monday through Friday bag.

The Six Pack cube “Stealth “bag (pink) has six large meal containers. I ‘d move with this one on the weekend’s when I road tripped back and forth to New York to meet with my coach ( Hey Malena!!) or I headed the gym.

Both bags keep the meals nice and cool with freezer bags, have locations for utensils and supplements such as protein powder.

What do you pack your meals in daily? Are you easy breezy or a lil extra?

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