Hey Team! It’s #WildChildWednesday and recently this mama had to check herself.

We ventured out of the house to celebrate one of the sweetest little girls in the world’s birthday! Geneva had a ball. She was able to jump and play in a bouncy house, run, yell and laugh with her girls and go to sleep LATE! ( Real late) She also got to enjoy some sweets. Cupcakes were the sweet of choice.

As my taste buds have changed over the years, I eat less sweets. My little one on the other hand is new to the sweets game. She doesn’t even really care for juice…and I’m proud of that, lol. She gets sweets with her grands of course…but it’s not a regular thing. I’ve tried my best to limit her intake of processed sweets and encourage fresh fruits (Nature’s candy)…as I want her to learn that it’s not the best choice to have daily. It’s a sometimes kinda thing.

With my current and past clients, we often discuss encouraging healthy behaviors/choices more often than not. In this case, it was a birthday party…she doesn’t get to hang out really (especially now). I looked at Bae, and even his expression read, “Let the girl lime nah”. So, I loosened the grip and allowed her to enjoy the space and the moment. MAN, she enjoyed those cupcakes and had a BALL. AND, she’s been sleeping like a champ.

What a journey we are on.

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