Yea, I said it. I’m the nutritionist that hates cooking! I’m not proud of it, but up to this point, it has been the truth.

Cooking has just never really been enjoyable to me. Just not fun. Maybe I’ve been fearful of preparing something and it turns out horrible. After Geneva was born, I had a talk with one of my closest friends. In short, she said “You need to cook. Yea, you can order the healthiest food like the best of them, but you should also be able and willing to prepare healthy foods at home for you and your family and share that with your clients”. Deep down, I knew she was right. Being lazy about this was no longer a consistent option. After that conversation, I went to Barnes and Noble and picked up cookbooks by Lalia Ali, Chrissy Teigen, and Ayesha Curry. I was gifted with a cookbook by Chef RLI Richard Ingraham and a baby food cookbook by Jacqueline Burt Cole.

In February, I started preparing 2 meals a week. It has been more fun than I anticipated and fulfilling that I was preparing healthy and tasty foods for my family from scratch. To hold myself accountable, I have decided to hold a small dinner party this summer. I will prepare a 3 course meal for some friends that do NOT hold their tongues when it comes to being honest. If it tastes like hot garbage, they will let me know. So I have no choice but to keep working on my skills. What has been fun is grocery shopping for new foods, cooking tools and taking pictures of the food to prove I made something tasty.

I plan to continue to post blogs on the foods and meals I prepare. If you have any recommendations, or items you’d like me try, let me know.