Hey Team!! It’s #TestimonyTuesday and I wanted to give a shout to my client Kabila!!

Kabi is brilliant and has an adventurous spirit. Her energy and enthusiasm are EVERYTHING!! When we partnered up, she basically gave me free reign to design a meal plan for her. She wanted to ensure her intake was purposeful, tasty and not boring. I also wanted to ensure she consumed lean proteins and great sources of iron.

Insert Shakshuka.

This particular savory recipe is chock full of chick peas, tomatoes, eggs, peppers, onions, and olives. It can be remixed in a variety of ways. Kabi sent me these photos and my mouth watered!! She enjoyed the preparation and said it was DELICIOUS….and I believe her!! I’m am an impressed Nutritionist!! It looked JUST like the image on the recipe I recommended.

My clients make me SOOOOO proud!! Thanks for allowing me to share Kabi!!

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