Today’s #TestimonyTuesday features a fantastic mom (and mommy to be again), my client and brilliant friend, Jasmine.

“There were a couple things in Danielle’s story of becoming a mother that caught my attention. At the SocaMom Summit, she shared her story of giving birth to her daughter so openly – fears, joys, challenges, and critical conversations. It was that last piece, those critical conversations that got me to reach out.

Specifically, she discussed having a birth plan that she not only completed beforehand, but also had with her at delivery. She had discussed it with her care team while in labor – she had nurses that turned into coaches in those tough moments right before delivery. I paused her story there.

Pregnancy and delivery is different for every woman, and different for any one woman each time. However, these critical conversations with my health care team had been playing out in much the same way as my first pregnancy. I’d ask my doctors a question and would receive a list of factors and probabilities that left me feeling . . . . unsure of how to feel: “One possible outcome is dire but rare, another happens in 30% of all cases, and then here’s a list of things we just won’t know until you go into labor”. Add on a pandemic and suddenly a situation that you’re unsure of turns into a situation that you’re fearful of going through.

I reached out to Danielle hoping she would have a couple minutes to chat and instead received a solid chunk of time where we sat down as mothers and I got to be heard. We discussed how to be a more active participant in my health care – turning a list of questions into a fuller conversation; how to walk in knowing that my feelings were valid and should be recognized; how to stay present until I and my spouse got the clarity we needed as parents.

Following this conversation, I was able to work through the Dr. San birth plan Danielle recommended and put together a set of questions with my spouse. We then had a long conversation with our doctor the next day where we got the information and reassurance we needed around COVID- 19, labor and delivery, and the general approach that our health care team is taking on patient care. This particular doctor sat on the pandemic response team for the region but also had great empathy for our situation and concerns.

Our preparation was a key part of maximizing what we were able to get out of this conversation and made all the difference in being able to identify a feeling of comfort. My conversation with Danielle was one of caring, coaching, and understanding that came just in time.”

I AM HERE FOR IT!!! I want you to be informed, comfortable and HEARD! Thank you Jasmine for sharing your testimonial and trusting me. If you have questions, visit my website and/or reach out to me,

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