Danielle is an advocate for, supporter of, and friend to mom’s, mommies to be.


Changing the Face of Nutrition

Since 2005, I have loved my chosen field of Maternal and Child Health and Public Health Nutrition. My clients have ranged from mom’s to be , mommies, infants and children. I strive to be of assistance and partner in reaching their short and long term goals.

Be it learning about nutrition topics individually and in groups, being more comfortable with reading food labels, understanding portion sizes and discussing intuitive eating. Some clients have a good grasp on what to do and just need an accountability partner. Many have wanted to feel good in their clothes or even a wedding gown, a carnival costume, or a bikini.


Supporting you feeling good in your skin, no matter what stage you’re in

Some clients have had their physicians urging them to improve their LDL’s, cholesterol and glucose lab results. While some would like assistance with weight management, my work has many more facets.

Some of my favorite clients are moms to be, preparing their mind, body and spirit to bring a new life into this world as they advocate as a willing participant in their health care. Mom’s that wanted support in their infant feeding choices and a friend as they prioritized and made their way through their “fourth” trimester.

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