Happy Thursday Team!! I recently facilitated a wellness seminar entitled “Black Don’t Crack- The Serum”. Now, while we love the saying…we are very well aware that our melanin benefits from a healthy and balanced dietary intake. If we aren’t taking care of our insides…our melanated exterior can indeed…crack. It was a wonderful discussion because many attendees had no idea why they took certain supplements.

Some were unsure about the optimal time to take particular supplements or if the supplement should be taken with food or on an empty stomach. Maybe they were taking it because someone told them it was a good idea, or it could be that they saw someone else taking a vitamin (and that person looked healthy) so they decided to add it to their own rotation. It was eye opening. Around that same time, a writer from @xoNecole reached out to me and asked if I would contribute to an article about my personal supplemental preferences. I was excited to be approached and well…the rest is history.

Check it out!! https://buff.ly/3s45qLT

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