Comprehensive Nutrition Consulting to Prepare You For Your Surgery and Support Post- Surgery

Goal Setting

You have a BIG goal in mind, and we are going to work to get you there. We begin with setting your intentions for our work together, so we have a starting point.

Custom Nutrition Program

This isn’t a pre-made program that everyone in my program uses. It is completely custom to YOU, and your needs pre and post op. My goal is lifetime success for you, and your plan needs to fit your life.


Sometimes we all need that extra accountability, right? Well, I’ve got you. We will schedule check-ins and sessions for support throughout our process so you never feel alone.

Continued Support

Our work together doesn’t stop once you have your surgery! I am your guide for recovery plan and thriving post surgery.

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Consulting

You Made the Choice to Change Your Life, But May Need Help Getting There?

This service is exclusive, supportive, and practical, responsible and a natural step when considering pre-and post-surgery.

We provide our clients with a non-judgmental space to create a personalized, healthy, sustainable strategy that offers accountability to ensure they are a good candidate for the plastic surgery procedure of their choosing. Continuing care post-surgery will ensure that your positive outcomes can be maintained and sustained by implementing a client and Registered Dietitian designed strategy that fits into their lives and honors your investment.

Why might I need this?

Your surgeon has recommended pre-surgery weight loss

Let’s face it. Your doctor wants you in the best possible shape for your elective surgery. If you are looking for a tried and true method, Danielle is your Coach.

You want to feel your healthiest before your procedure

I’m sure you have wanted to feel your best for years, but can’t seem to go it alone. Trust me, I understand! That’s why I created this program. To build a strong body and mind for your recovery!

You are tired of your current situation

What do they say about the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results? Well, no wonder we are going crazy with weight loss and health- it can feel like the Twilight Zone with all the information out there. We break through the BS and get to work on YOUR ideal program. Made for you!

My Approach

Your mindset is everything!

You have wanted to eat better, feel better, and look better for a long time. To take care of everything on your plate, you must prioritize your health. I offer a variety of services to help you meet your goals and have fun doing it. Are you ready to make changes that will last a lifetime? 

I begin with a thorough nutrition assessment and evidenced based nutrition education. I partner with my clients to create a personalized, healthy, sustainable strategy and offer numerous touchpoints for accountability to ensure you are a good candidate for the cosmetic procedure, to then achieve the look you desire.

Continuing care post-surgery with me will ensure that our clients’ positive outcomes can be maintained and sustained by implementing a client and Registered Dietitian informed strategy that fits into their lives and honors your investment.

3 Month Consulting Package

3 months partnered with your nutrition consultant to prepare your mind and body for your procedure. This package is ideal for a person that is almost at their goal, but has hit a plateau.

6 Month Consulting Package

6 months to work closely with your nutrition consultant in prepareation before and after your procedure, or if you need more time to meet your goal. Excellent package for post-surgery as you heal and to maintain your investment.

12 Month Consulting Package

BEST OFFER! 12 months to prepare your mind and body for what’s next. This pacakge allows you time to make possible changes internally and externally pre- and post-surgery. We strategize a plan that is sustainable for a life where you feel as great as you look!

A la Carte

1-hour session available for individuals who feel confident managing their goals, and would like guidance from a nutrition consultant.

Still Have Questions?